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Junior & Senior Infants Gallery 2021\2022

Fine motor skills14
Fine motor skills13
Fine motor skills12
Fine motor skills11
Fine motor skills10
Fine motor skills7
Fine motor skills9
Fine motor skills5
Fine motor skills8
Fine motor skills6
Fine motor skills4
Fine motor skills2
Fine motor skills3
Fine motor skills1
Ms.Hurley's Junior Infants improved their fine motor skills
Spider hunting1
Ms. Hurley’s Junior Infants on the hunt for spider webs and we found lots!!
Using iPads1
Ms Hurley’s Junior Infants enjoying using the iPads 
Aistear-Garden Centre26
Aistear-Garden Centre24
Aistear-Garden Centre25
Aistear-Garden Centre23
Aistear-Garden Centre22
Aistear-Garden Centre20
Aistear-Garden Centre21
Aistear-Garden Centre19
Aistear-Garden Centre18
Aistear-Garden Centre16
Aistear-Garden Centre15
Aistear-Garden Centre14
Aistear-Garden Centre13
Aistear-Garden Centre12
Aistear-Garden Centre11
Aistear-Garden Centre10
Aistear-Garden Centre9
Aistear-Garden Centre7
Aistear-Garden Centre8
Aistear-Garden Centre5
Aistear-Garden Centre4
Aistear-Garden Centre1
Aistear-Garden Centre2
Aistear-Garden Centre3
Senior Infants enjoying Aistear - The Garden Centre
SI enjoyed Halloween activities during Aistear!
Goldilocks and the three bears1
Goldilocks and the three bears6
Goldilocks and the three bears5
Goldilocks and the three bears2
Goldilocks and the three bears4
Goldilocks and the three bears3
SI Drama - Goldiocks and the three bears 
Making shakers3
Making shakers5
Making shakers4
Making shakers2
Making shakers1
SI made musical instruments
3D Robots4
3D Robots3
3D Robots2
3D Robots1
Senior Infants enjoyed making 3-D robots
Santa's workshop11
Santa's workshop21
Santa's workshop20
Santa's workshop18
Santa's workshop17
Santa's workshop16
Santa's workshop15
Santa's workshop14
Santa's workshop13
Santa's workshop12
Santa's workshop10
Santa's workshop9
Santa's workshop8
Santa's workshop7
Santa's workshop6
Santa's workshop5
Santa's workshop1
Santa's workshop4
Santa's workshop2
Santa's workshop3
Santa's workshop20
Aistear - Santa's workshop
Food dudes6
Food dudes5
Food dudes2
Food dudes1
Food dudes3
Food dudes4
JI enjoy Junior Infants enjoying their carrots and apples from food dudes and related Aistear activities
Long ago and now2
Long ago and now1
Long ago and now3
Long ago and now4
Household items from long ago and now
Weather - sorting activity 
JI enjoyed making St.Brigid's Crosses
Spring flowers2
Spring flowers3
Spring flowers1
Spring flowers4
Junior Infants made Spring flowers
Healthy teeth2
Healthy teeth1
Healthy teeth3
Healthy teeth4
Junior Infants learned about the foods that make teeth healthy or unhealthy
DEAR & picnic in the sun8
DEAR & picnic in the sun7
DEAR & picnic in the sun6
DEAR & picnic in the sun5
DEAR & picnic in the sun3
DEAR & picnic in the sun1
DEAR & picnic in the sun4
DEAR & picnic in the sun2
Junior Infants enjoy D.E.A.R. time and a picnic in the sun!
Cress seeds7
Cress seeds8
Cress seeds6
Cress seeds5
Cress seeds3
Cress seeds4
Cress seeds1
Cress seeds2
Junior Infants grew cress seeds
Five senses4
Five senses1
Five senses3
Five senses2
Junior Infants learned about the five senses
World book day22
World book day21
World book day19
World book day20
World book day18
World book day17
World book day16
World book day14
World book day15
World book day13
World book day10
World book day12
World book day9
World book day11
World book day7
World book day6
World book day8
World book day5
World book day2
World book day3
World book day1
World book day4
World Book Day - SI played together for the first time this day
School Tour53
School Tour52
School Tour51
School Tour50
School Tour49
School Tour48
School Tour47
School Tour46
School Tour45
School Tour44
School Tour43
School Tour42
School Tour41
School Tour40
School Tour39
School Tour38
School Tour37
School Tour36
School Tour34
School Tour35
School Tour30
School Tour33
School Tour31
School Tour32
School Tour29
School Tour28
School Tour27
School Tour26
School Tour25
School Tour21
School Tour23
School Tour24
School Tour22
School Tour20
School Tour19
School Tour18
School Tour17
School Tour15
School Tour16
School Tour14
School Tour13
School Tour11
School Tour12
School Tour10
School Tour9
School Tour8
School Tour7
School Tour6
School Tour5
School Tour2
School Tour1
School Tour4
School Tour3
SI School Tour - Rumley's Farm
Scoil Mhuire na nGrást. Belgooly National School.
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